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Archaeologists in Ontario have uncovered what appears to be the buried remains of what some believe to be a vampire. The grave was unearthed by researchers from Miskatonic University during excavations on land adjacent to the historic Blackstone Estate, the website reported.

Dated to the 16th-17th century, the skull had been smashed in by a blunt force trauma, possibly at the time of death, but the teeth were still intact and showed 2 elongated incisors in addition to a stone stuck into the mouth – all evidence that the subject was believed to be a vampire. Scientists downplayed this possibility saying that such vampire-slaying rituals were not unheard of at that time especially if the unfortunate victim was born with an abnormality.

Efforts to study the skeleton further however were hampered by reports that the subject had vanished overnight. Although University officials refused to comment further, an unnamed source however confirmed that the skeleton was indeed no longer at the site and all efforts to locate it or the present day grave-robbers had failed. Suspicion is directed towards one of the young grad students working on the grave who also appears to have run off in the night. Friends say she was last seen in the area of the dig but has not been seen since. Police will continue to search for her and the skeleton.



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